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Mahabaya – it means in Hebrew"What's the Problem"

The Centre for Psychological Counseling Services by Telephone

Mahabaya was established to give individuals in need access to psychological counseling and treatmentservices by telephone, which isan immediate, efficient, and cost-effective methodfor people to get the help they need when they need it – and at a price they can afford.

Our team of highly qualified professionals are all carefully selected experts in their field:

  • Most are Psychologists
  • Most have a master's degree or higher
  • Most of them graduated cum laude or summa cum laude
  • Several have written books in their specialty
  • Several have published scientific papers
  • All are practising successfully in their chosen fields

Rapid advances in telecommunications technology now permit systematic approaches to handling large volumes of incoming callers and directing them to the appropriate specialists they seek to reach, who are part of the Mahabaya professional team and who have agreed to make themselves available by phone using the Mahabaya technical platform.

This method of delivery of psychological services is today increasing in scope worldwide, and support for it is growing in the academic community.

For example, in March, 2011 Professor Allan Kazdin, of Yale University, a leading opinion maker in the field of mental health in the United Statespublished a remarkable paper called "Rebooting Psychotherapy Research and Practice…." This provocative article surprised the mental health therapeutic community when he statesbluntly that the traditional method of in-clinic delivery of psychological services is limited in its availability,and discusses the options for broader access to treatment that new technologies can offer, including the delivery of services using the itnernet and by telephone.

Mahabaya's goal is to provide a way for our clients to access our team of experts effectively by teldephone, to pay for service directly on their telephone bill and to only pay for the time they use – at NIS 6 shekels per minute you only pay for the number of minutes you talk to the professional of your choice.

Members of the Team include:

  • Psychologists, all types of mental problems and emotional difficulties.
  • Medical Psychologists - rehabilitation for those who have sufferedfrom serious illnes, and their families who need counseling, accompaniment, support and guidance.
  • Child Psychologists and Therapists for teenagers and other young people, in areas such as family and scholastic discipline, rebellion, behavioral problems, learning difficulties, emotional problems, gender issues and more.
  • Senior Psychiatrist, a lecturer at the School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, working at the psychiatric clinic in Nes Ziona, co-author of two books in the field of psychiatry, one of which is a lexicon of psychiatric drugs.
  • Developmental Psychologists for babies and toddlers.
  • Educational Psychologists, learning problems, ADHD, adjustment to the group, social problems.
  • Occupational Psychologists and Guidance Counsellors for dealing with employment and workplace issues
  • Business Psychologists.
  • Marital and family Therapists.
  • Religious Psychologists providing guidance for issues of particular relevance to members of religious comminuities.

In many cases services are available in the English, Russian and Spanish languages as well as Hebrew

To see the professional qualifications and credentials of all the members of our team click on : Our team


  • What is "What's the Problem"?
  • "What's the Problem"is an immediately available Psychological Counseling Center,with the provision of expert professional services on the telephone by a team of highly qualified experts. These include clinical psychologists; psychologists with expertise and knowledge of all aspects of daily life; clinical social workers; marital and family therapists and practicing psychiatrists.

    We provide the opportunity for up-to-date, immediateand highly focused analyses which can help you come up with solutions formany of the problems, dilemmas, distress, personal crises, trauma, anger or dilemmas that you may presently have in your life.

    English Speakers in Our Team:


    Dr.Rafael Stryjer

    012 40 900 720 666

    Dr. Ronit Siso

    012 40 900 720 630

    Dr.Ester Rapoport

    012 40 900 720 628

    Dr.Bernie Kastner

    012 40 900 720 629

    Dr.Nathan Moore

    012 40 900 720 615

    Daphei Eyal

    012 40 900 720 619

    Masha Samers

    012 40 900 720 621

    Amatzia Avni

    012 40 900 720 627

    Ori Even Zahav

    012 40 900 720 626

  • How does it work?
    1. You will make a direct connection to the most appropriate therapist for the particular problem, hardship, difficulty or question you may have.
    2. We have an expert team of highly qualified professionals, each with a private phone number for you to call for direct and immediate advice by telephone, or subsequent call-back. You will find these numbers on our web site for your use.
    3. Many of our experts are English speaking and indeed have qualified or practiced in English speaking countries at some point.

  • Can I also call from my mobile phone?
  • Absolutely yes!The bill for service is charged to your phone bill for both land-line and mobile telephone service regardless of which is used to make your call.

  • Is there a requirement to identify oneself?
    • No, there is no identification requirement. Calls can be completely anonymous if it makes the caller feel more comfortable.
    • Sometimes anonymity may contribute to a more open conversation;be honest and open on your part; speak from the heart whether you identify yourself or not.
    • If you decide to give identifying details there is also always a duty of confidentiality between therapist and patient.

  • How long does the conversation last?
    • As long as you want and need. Time….. 20 minutes? An hour? An hour and twenty minutes?
    • Talk all you want and as much as you need: you decide.

  • How do I pay?
    • When you talk to one of our Psychologists ,services are priced at the rate of NIS 6 per minute and automatically charged directly to your phone bill – hence you only pay for the time you talk with the professional and not one penny more!
    • Option of payment by credit card is also available

    When you pay on your phone bill:

    • payment will simply be charged directly to your next month's phone bill.
    • on your bill it will refer to an 012 phone call, without specifying any further details. 5.
    • To pay by credit card: Please call the office first by phone 03-6420120 and give credit card details.

      • You only pay for as much as you speak.
      • If you talk for 20 minutes, you will pay for a 20 minutes conversation.
      • There is no charge for waiting time before a conversation. The clock will start tickingonly when the Psychologist comes on the line and you begin the conversation
      • There is no minimum charge- if you hang up after five minutes that is all you pay for!

  • Do you have more questions?
  • You can always refer further questions, requests and comments to us via emailto: office@mahabaya.com

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